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Have you thought about a refurbishment of your existing tarmac driveway? Whether you are extending your existing driveway or planning to install a new one, we can provide you with a professional finish.

This is by far a cheaper option, and subject to our survey we can provide you with a competitive quotation. We use Picscoat, and PICS Ltd is the supplier of our refurbishment product.

key benefits of a tarmacadam system for the homeowner:

  • Make your tarmac driveway look as good as new by restoring its colour at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Prevents cracks in your tarmac drive, and dramatically enhances the aesthetics of any existing tarmac driveway.
  • A cost effective, long lasting solution.
  • Water based, environmentally friendly products used.
  • Will make unsightly tarmac reinstatements less noticeable.
  • Ideal to hide unsightly cement stains or marks after building works.
  • Provides a uniform coloured surface that can be recoated at any time.
  • The treated surface is easier to clean.
  • Reduces fretting or stone loss and increases the life span of the driveway.
  • Waterproofs and protects Tarmac driveways.
  • Resists oil, grease and dirt stains and is low in odour
  • Resists fungicidal and algae growth.
  • Re-colour your drive with black, red or green Tarmac coating
  • Save yourself the effort of cleaning oil and other stains from your drive - re-coat it for a brand-new look.
  • Tarmac drive repair is quicker, easier and costs less with PICSCOAT.

Unlike tarmac paints available in local DIY and web based stores, PICSCOAT is a heavy duty, commercial quality Tarmac restoration and Asphalt refurbishment product that not only re-colours faded and worn surfaces, but also helps to bond any loose stones, greatly increasing the life span of the paving.

Please call us to discuss your project on : 01873 561 243 / 07581 190 735 or if you prefer you can send us an email : info@traditionalhomescaping.co.uk

Traditional Homescaping were crowned winners of the Domestic Category at the Golden Trowel Awards 2008. This prestigious competition runs annually, and aims to showcases the best and most innovative application of decorative concrete technologies.

client feedback:

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Please accept our thanks for the recent work in our garden. The path is superb and is greatly admired by everyone who sees it. Your staff are to be very proud of, and are hard working with lovely personalities. top quote

R. Holliday